Our personalised service

We deal 1-to1 with you to reposition your crypto portfolio to align it to our 3000X strategy. The process we go through are the following:

  1. Understand & agree on 3000X strategy
  2. Align your crypto portfolio to 3000X strategy
  3. Design your exit strategy for each Driver you hold
  4. Re-assess real price action against predicted Market Structure (until end of bull cycle)

We communicate directly via WhatsApp (critical) and you have access 24×7. Most discussions are private, working directly with you and your preferences. Our goal is simple: To help investors make the most return within their constraints and preferences.

Many investors join to learn how to use Crypto Market Structure so they can fish for themselves. Others are here just to make sure their investment will hit the best targets they can get without leaving much money on the table. 

Our premium content

The site provides access to:

  1. Key announcements
  2. Next weekly Zoom events for premium members
  3. Lastest crypto posts
  4. Coin Market Structure breakdown analysis
  5. All recorded videos (3000X strategy, Moon Shot forecast method, Deep Dive & more!)