Origin of Crypto Market Structure
Jay has been a trader in Forex & Metals market for over 15 years. When he first saw BitCoin’s chart (BTCUSD) back in 2019, he thought he was looking at Silver’s price chart (XAGUSD). At that instant he suspected that Crypto too has a consistent price behavioural pattern!

Is the hypothesis true? Does different Crypto coin has repeating patterns?
Jay started studying and documenting price patterns without the use of traditional technical indicators. To his amazement, he saw history did not repeat, but it sure rhymes very closely. He took recent 2020 patterns and went back to last 3 cycles for comparison (ETH 2015). It’s amazing how patterns emerge again and again leaving clues to traders on how to trade.

He published a primer on Crypto Market Structure to share his insights and encourage the community to learn.

Crypto Market Structure Primer (download here)
Crypto Bull run has repeating patterns like Sling Shot 1 & 2 before moon shot happens

Is this Technical Analysis?
In this analysis, no indicator is used at all – NONE! Jay was never a believer in MACD, Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, RSI or other complicated indicators. Analysis is based on pure price movement i.e. Fractal Patterns!
Jay started naming these patterns and the position it held in the larger price structure. In the overall crypto bull market structure, there are 2 Sling Shots and 3 Moon Shots.

Most coins with long historical data showed consistent Market Structure behaviour.

Crypto Bull run starts with 2 Sling Shots and 3 Moon Shots

How can these pattern help me in making money?
When these patterns emerge, you will know what could happen to Price Action. Not only that, imagine you can project fairly accurate estimate on future exit price. With these knowledge, you are positioning your investment with high confidence and profitability.
Jay has not seen another method that could consistently work in providing clarity in forecasting.

Example: ZIL price entry and exit for Sling Shot 1

How long will this bull cycle go for?
This 2020 Crypto bull cycle may end at Jan 2022. From now until the end of Bull cycle, you want to know when you should exit for each of your invested coins; And which other coins to invest. We look to ride Sling Shot 2, Moon Shot 1 & 2 for extremely high profitable trade during this entire bull cycle!

We hope you’d join us in this unprecedented times to ride the 2020/21 Bull run!

Jay Chiew, founder of Crypto Market Structure and 1000X trading strategy. He has been trading Forex, Commodities, Metals and now Crypto market for over 15 years. He’s been around to see what works and what doesn’t.