1. Fibonacci methods (Fibs) can be used in many ways to predict. As such the variation in forecasting is too wide, too many options
  2. It’s also very hard to validate which of his fibs forecasts will come true as price starts moving
  3. His forecast is short to just Moon Shot 2! What about Moon Shot 3? No wonder it’s always conservative/low

I’ve known and used a lot more similar methods like Fibs including Elliott Wave, Harmonic Patterns. One needs to be very experience and discipline to use it correctly. So, I prefer Market Structure better because:

  1. Forecast can be validated when future price gets printed
  2. Market Structure process is very methodical, guided – and documented
  3. We know there are 3 moon shots! ALWAYS
  4. Our forecast have much smaller window – very precise range
  5. Works on all mature coins and has the potential to forecast new coins as well