Financial Challenge:

  1. While waiting for 3000X Crypto bull Strategy to complete in Jan 2022. Is there a shorter financial solution?
  2. After exiting from crypto bull cycle, what else can I invest while crypto bear is at play? I don’t want my money to just sit idling.

Investment option

There are few options to consider: Real estate, bonds and short term trading.

Problem with some of these options are:
1. Real estate may require a lot of capital (more than $10k) and time to manage tenants.
2. Bonds yield unfortunately are too low! Just a few percentage points!
3. Short term trading requires a lot of skill, experience and discipline! And the market timing may not suit me.

A better option? Passive income

Is there a short term option where someone is just helping me invest on my behalf? Yes, there is a passive income option we’ve been providing for 9 months.

This investment option service provides fully managed account under your name; you have full control of your money and account! 

We’ve been getting 5% to 10% return every month for the last 9 months. Sure, we cannot guarantee past results will be reflected into the future but this will be a key passive income vehicle many of us will be using after this 2020/21 Crypto bull cycle completes.

It’s completely hands free (Passive income stream) for investors. You just invest a minimum of $2000 under your name and we’ll help you invest for a monthly return. The only thing you need to do is to potentially withdraw your profits every month (No promises again!) and spend it. Otherwise, keep rolling your profit to compound your profits into the future!

Is there a fee?

It sounds too good to be true. Surely there is a fee to it. 

At this moment, Market Structure Premium Members will enjoy zero management fees until January 2021. That way you can test it out and keep all the profits for yourself! After January 2021, there will be a 20% fees based on profit sharing. 

For further discussions, speak to Black Hat Investing representative.

Risks and accountability

Know that investing into any leveraged trading is very risky and can lose all the capital. We do not recommend this to any investor who cannot handle potential serious account drawdown. Your trading results may vary. Before deciding to invest consider consulting your own financial advisor. The service provider assumes no responsibility for any losses. 

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