XDC Moon Shot Forecast Ver 2 – Part 2

Current Market Structure:

This is a re-assessment of XDC based on the latest Market Structure (ver2). 

XDC is still currently working through Moon Shot 1 structure. It’s about to complete Pattern 1 (Pat 1) and looking to continue upwards.

Strategy & Opportunity:

As expected, XDC is holding its Pattern 1 very well with limited downside. Investors looking to enter at current price at about $0.0034 is good as Moon Shot 1 exit is at $0.025. 

Upon exit, consider rotating into different Moon Shot coins as recommended. As usual, we can only advise what the next potential coin will be depending how coins will turn out. 

For the longer term, the model suggest a conservative Moon Shot 3 target of around $3. This strong constrast against the first assessment is not just specific to XDC but across all coins. The method has strong validation methods as we progress; as such we will get a more precise forecast once Moon Shot 2 completes. 

Timing Estimate:

XDC still has Pattern 2 to complete before making the last push to complete Moon Shot 1.

The time it takes to complete Moon Shot 1 may be around 2 to 3 months; I suspect closer to 2 months. Note that timing forecast is difficult in crypto forecasting.

All moon shots 3 should be completed within next 18 months time.

XDC Moon Shot 1 projection based on 3 push: $0.025

Method based on Moon Shot Method ver2 & Moon Shot 1 Map

Long term & conservative final Moon Shot 3 estimates below.