XDCE Moon Shot Forecast – Part 1

Current Market Structure:

XinFin is a coin committed to blast off! Not only has XinFin completed Moon Pad 1 development but like KNC, well on its way in doing Moon Shot 1. If this latest pattern continues to hold, which is what I expect, XinFin will do well in this bull cycle.

Strategy & Opportunity:

XDCE may have limited downside, so immediate entry at $0.0035 is recommended. For those whom are already in this trade, the trade is easy: Hold all the way to Moon Shot 1. A clearer target exit for Moon Shot 1 will be available. Expect Moon Shot 1 to do very well!

XDCE is a volatile coin so investors need to be concern about Moon Shot 1 retracement into Moon pad 2

A longer term view (see chart below) reveals XDCE has an incredible conservative potential of going up to $30! That is over 8000X ROI, based on final Moon Shot 3! Upon confirmation of Moon Shot 1, the final end game will be clearer! At this point, this coin seemed to be an excellent candidate for reasons below:
1. Committed to Moon Shot!
2. High ROI end game
3. Good fundamentals

XDCE not on your exchange? Visit XinFin.io to find out how you can get it. We are independent Market Structure analyst and do not get paid by other party. 

Timing Estimate:

It is expected that XDCE may take 3 to 5 months to complete Moon Shot 1 as the price may be surprisingly higher than most investors expect!

Moon Shot 3 should occur in second half of 2021.