Are you investing more than $10k in Cryptocurrency but stressed out?
We’re a bunch of crypto investors and traders, like you, is heavily invested in the crypto market. Our edge is we know how the Market will behave into the entire bull run (Crypto Market Structure)

How much return return are we looking at?
We are always in the lookout for opportunities. We help identify 5X to 50X trades that we have stake in and share with the members.

But nobody can predict the future, can’t you?
We found the Market Structure method fairly effective in predicting the market behaviour. It’s the reason why we’re heavily invested into the crypto market. Knowing when to enter is not enough. Exiting too early or too late is the biggest issue!

I think I’ll do just fine on my own, will I?
Most crypto investors or traders do not read charts or understand the potential of their coins. We’ll help assess not just your coins, but also have regular Zoom discussions to balance out your portfolio for maximum profitability.

We provide clear guide and map on where your coin is at

Can we have personal discussion on my portfolio?
Personal meeting is arranged to make sure your portfolio is positioned for profit with limited risk exposure. We use Zoom to schedule and facilitate discussion. We will look at how you can keep your favorite coins and still rotate others to maximize profitability!

I’m still not sure. Can I clarify more?
You can contact us directly or learn more about Crypto Market Structure here.